Wyndham Page Air Shut Off Valve

WH – Wyndham Page E Valves

Wyndham Page basic automatic overspeed shut down model. Available in sizes to suit engine ratings from 3kW[4hp] to 290kW[389hp]. Higher

Wyndham Page E-M Valves

Wyndham Page E-M series valves as per basic E valves but also include a cable operated manual shut down feature.

Wyndham Page E03F/ E03FM Valves

Wyndham Page E03F valve combined E valve and engine air cleaner. Available only for engine ratings in the range from

Wyndham Page FS1 Valves

Wyndham Page valves are powered to close with manual reset to the open [run] position. A cable operated manual reset

Wyndham Page FS2 Valves

Wyndham Page valves are powered to close with automatic reset to the open [run] position after engine shut down.

Wyndham Page FS3 Valves

Wyndham Page shutdown valves power to open [failsafe] types. Sprung loaded return to the closed [stop] position when not powered.


WYNDHAM PAGE SHUTDOWN VALVE FS3-ATEX Wyndham Page Valves FS3-ATEX Wyndham Page Shutoff Valves are Solenoid Powered to Open / Spring