F Series Shutdown Valves

Key features:

Butterfly type valves giving low air flow restriction for compatibility with emission controlled engines. Actuation is from either 12 volt or 24 volt electrical input. Both power to open [fail safe] and power to close versions available. The shut down power signal is supplied by the customer from an engine generated overspeed signal or any other fault condition as required.

Other key features common to all F series valves:

  • Models to suit a wide range of small to medium sized engines
  • Complete with formed hose adaptors to fit into engine air
    intake hose bores in the range 38mm [1.5inches] to 178mm [7.01inches] diameter
  • Flange mounting option available subject to prior investigation
  • Compact lightweight but rugged construction
  • Valve mechanism designed to withstand vibration and shock
    loads without malfunction
  • Metal to metal seal when closed – designed for low friction and long life
  • Electrical enclosure to IP66
  • Built in microswitch option to enable valve status signal
  • May be fitted to either naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines
  • Full installation instructions supplied

Wyndham Page FS1 Valves

Wyndham Page valves are powered to close with manual reset to the open [run] position. A cable operated manual reset

Wyndham Page FS2 Valves

Wyndham Page valves are powered to close with automatic reset to the open [run] position after engine shut down.

Wyndham Page FS3 Valves

Wyndham Page shutdown valves power to open [failsafe] types. Sprung loaded return to the closed [stop] position when not powered.


WYNDHAM PAGE SHUTDOWN VALVE FS3-ATEX Wyndham Page Valves FS3-ATEX Wyndham Page Shutoff Valves are Solenoid Powered to Open / Spring