E Series Shutdown Valves

Key features:

Operate independently of any external power or signal input to give automatic closure on engine overspeed. For enhanced safety can be supplied also fitted with a mechanical cable for a remote manually actuated shut down. Smaller models in this valve range are optionally available combined with an engine air cleaner to facilitate installation.

Other key features common to all E series valves:
  • Complete with formed hose adaptors to fit into the engine air intake hose
  • Compact lightweight but rugged construction
  • Easily serviced
  • Proven technology
  • Overspeed trip setting easily adjusted
  • Automatic reset after engine has shut down
  • Metal to metal valve seating with long life
  • Sizes available to suit a wide range of small to medium sized engines
  • Suitable for fitting to either naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines
  • Full installation and setting instructions supplied

WH – Wyndham Page E Valves

Wyndham Page basic automatic overspeed shut down model. Available in sizes to suit engine ratings from 3kW[4hp] to 290kW[389hp]. Higher

Wyndham Page E-M Valves

Wyndham Page E-M series valves as per basic E valves but also include a cable operated manual shut down feature.

Wyndham Page E03F/ E03FM Valves

Wyndham Page E03F valve combined E valve and engine air cleaner. Available only for engine ratings in the range from