Fluid Power Energy (FPE) thermostatic valves use the principle of expanding wax, which in the semi-liquid state undergoes large expansion rates within a relatively narrow temperature range. The self-contained element activates a stainless steel sleeve, which directs flow. All FPE thermostatic valves are factory set at predetermined temperatures: no further adjustments are necessary. A wide range of temperatures are available for water and oil temperature control applications.
Size: 3/4″ to 1″
Diameter: DN20 to DN32
P/N Description
1010 1″ NPT
1110 3/4″ NPT
1210 1/2″ NPT
1010J8 1″ SAE O-Ring
1010J12 3/4″ SAE O-Ring
1010J16 1/2″ SAE O-Ring

Specifications Overview

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