Caplugs Protective Closures T Series has got you covered and protected in the most comprehensive way with the range of Tapered caps or plugs made from highly pliable (flexible) polyethylene, which not only can be applied to fit snugly but are also readily removable.

Tapered caps and plugs are used to protect a wide variety of tubing and threaded machined parts and ports from dust, moisture and impact damage. These caps and plugs also act as masking protection for painting, plating, powder coating, and anodizing operations. Below are just a few examples of products that are available from us to suit most industrial application.
The full line of protective caps for circular electrical connectors to meet the new specifications will be known as the AS138 Series also in accordance with NAS 831, NAS 834, NAS 837.

Including in our range are protective nettings sleeve which prevent against physical damage to exterior surfaces of machined, polished, plated coated or thread cylindrical parts.