The ATEX explosion protection conversions of the diesel engine for use in areas classified as Zone 1 (2G) and Zone 2 (3G) provide the electrical and mechanical protection of the diesel engine, removing the risk of spark ignition and hot surfaces.

The main consideration for protection includes:

  • Temperature class T3
  • Gas group IIA/IIB
  • Various Ex explosion technique suitable for protection of diesel engine operation
  • Cooling of the exhaust gases
  • Protection of standard electrical system
  • Control panel for the engine management
  • Earth bonding to frame

The conversion of diesel engine is in accordance to standard EEMUA-107(A) or EN 1834-1:2001, which provide an alarm system and automatic shutdown of the engine in case of:

  • Overspeeding of the engine through ingestion of flammable vapour or gases
  • High temperature of the exhaust gases
  • High temperature of the coolant
  • Low pressure lubrication oil

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