Pow-R-Quik air starter manufactured by Maradyne offers Turbine Starters, Vane Starters and hydraulic systems components. Pow-R-Quik air starters will start engines from the smallest one cylinder diesel to the largest engines made. The HS series of heavy duty engine starters was specifically designed and developed for the oil and gas service industry. PRQ series air and gas starter for gas turbine engines has a wide range of torque for various starting requirements.


The Pow-R-Quik name has always been synonymous with excellence in air starting systems. From new and remanufactured starters to repair kits, original parts and components, The Pow-R-Quik brand is unequaled in the industry in terms of performance, reliability and quality. The Pow-R-Quik line of air and gas starters offers features and benefi ts that are unique to the industry. All PRQ Vane starters are lubeless, their vanes are made of a high tech material that reduces wear and allows operation with or without lubrication.**

  • All PRQ LS Series are lubeless.
  • The PRQ LS-8 Series has over 60 models* available to fi t both the domestic and import small engine markets.
  • High-tech vane material. Reduces wear, allows operation without lubrication.
  • Non-corrosive rotor sleeves. Special coating on aluminum rotor sleeves on LS-8 Models.
  • Rugged Construction. Rotor and shaft design provide higher torque potential and longer life than common two pieces designs.
  • Mounting Flexibility. All housings can be independently positioned with respect to each other.

PRQ LS-8 starters are developed as new engines are released to the market.
**Note: Lubrication is optional on LS Series for Diesel Engines. For lower pressure starting or cold weather starting it is recommended that you use lubrication. Lubrication is required on all starters for natural gas engines and all engines with long crank cycles.